Happy Diwali – Raise your Mental Immunity, this festive season

Diwali is around the corner and we all get into a cleaning decorating frenzy. And why not! I myself go crazy when it’s Diwali time. While we all know why we celebrate Diwali; celebrating the return of Lord Ram to his native place Ayodhya. But today, I want to delve a little deeper and re-invent the spiritual meaning of Diwali. In fact, unravel the spiritual meaning of our existence itself and how a bent towards spirituality can help us not just become better human beings but also cope with external situations better. And what better way to talk about this – 9 months down the line, we are still in the pandemic. In my mind, if there is one thing that can help us deal with situations better, is to lean towards a more spiritual existence. Join in this conversation to listen to simple tips that can help boost your #immunity, #resilience, and make you more connected with yourself, other beings, and the entire #universe.

And a Very Happy Diwali to you and yours!

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