A Health Gift for Your Child

So this will start as a personal rant, but I hope to bring some value to everyone reading this. I have been suffering from a frozen shoulder for a few months, and lately, I encountered another herniated disc. Since this was not the first time, I was quickly able to take action and have already begun to feel better. But there was one thing that hurt more than the pain itself.

That was not being around my child the way I would like to. To make matters worse, I was getting irritated when she tickled me or bounced upon me (you see, it hurt too much even to move). And during one of those instances, she said, “But I just want to play with you.” And my heart broke in a million pieces because I wasn’t able to. L

So, why am I sharing all this with you all – because our kids need healthy, fit, available parents more than anything else. I want to take this moment to request you to be mindful about your health, as much as I will be going forward. I was working on my health even before this episode, but now the resolve is stronger; the need is urgent.

Here are some tools that I use, and there are a million out there for you to choose from. It’s not important which tool you choose; what’s important is picking one and going from there.

#GoogleFit – to track my heart points.

#headspace – for meditation

#Audible – to listen to some books while I walk

#miraclemorningroutine – a quick #SAVERS routine to be more intentional
about my day/life.

So get started. If there is one thing you can give your children, it is good
health so that you can be present for them.

Here’s to a #healthy life.

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