Life is all about reinventing. There is a lot of merit in reinventing ourselves, our perspective, and our views to charge through life. My main focus is empowering women and parents to relook at how we sometimes just mindlessly float through lives but if we are mindful, a lot of challenges can be avoided. Please join me in this journey.

What people are saying!!

Love what you are doing Shikha! – Ritushri Dhankher

Just loved watching your video as always very informative and helping parents 💕👍🏽 – Neetu Rawal

Very simply and methodically parents most of us think we are doing our best but it doesn’t have the desired effect.. Your video tells me why. Thanks. – Kripa Elizabeth

Watching the videos I came to know..what should be our approach to parenting. We used to follow many things based on the ways we grew up but many aspects needed to be re worked upon. UReinvent helped me reinvent. – Prithu Mukherjee

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