How to take BACK control of your Life

There was a time when working women came with a bag of guilt and no me-time. Over time things have changes with more more women wanting to have it all. While the desire is there, we still fall short to attain that desirable state because of lack of principles, practices, tips and years of conditioning. If you are one who is juggling numerous tasks both at home and work and feel burnt out and stressed, overwhelmed then today’s episode is for you. 

Our guest for this episode is Anuradha Pradhyumnan. After successfully straddling both the corporate world and entrepreneurship for about 3 decades, Anu now wears several hats – those of a leadership coach, an entrepreneur, a learning strategist, a mentor, and a trainer.  She believes in being a persistent learner and so continues to learn from every challenge and experience in the corporate arena and from life, in general.

As a certified and experienced Coach, today, she will be coaching and guiding us with some principles and practices to live a more balanced life. 

Create your own Life!

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