Stop Glorifying Women

I saw this graphic on social media a few days back. Of course, it was posted to glorify the role, and selfless acts of a Mother.

But honestly speaking, I find this disturbing.

Why do we need to glorify that the mother is taking care of the son even though she has a drip running?

When will it be glorified that a woman is taking care of herself?

When will it be normal for the child to take care of himself or herself?

When will it be okay for us Moms to act like our children know if they are feeling cold or not? We probably taught them better, didn’t we?

It’s time we change these stereotypes. It’s time we change the “normal”. And the normal is that each one takes care of themselves; only minor and bed-ridden seniors need to be taken care of.

In fact, we all, across all ages have emotional needs, we all need someone to talk to. And that should be the priority. Maybe we should start creating graphics where we said “Mom, I am here to talk to you” or “Wifey, I am here to just spend time with you.” Or Mom is happy, doing the things she loves (not necessarily living for other people)

This idolization absolves anyone of any responsibility to improve our lives and is heavily titled in the favour of the society. One person is toiling, and you glorify them so they would continue to serve you. Women need to get smarter to avoid this trap. We need to establish stricter boundaries and look after ourselves when needed and do what we can.

Do what you can, the world will adjust.

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