How to Create Your Dream Life

Coelho once said, “If you truly want something. the universe conspires for you to achieve it.” In this video, we explore how to set your goals and then how to use a method called Vision Board to attract everything you truly desire into your life. For this, our guest is Ms Alka Saxena, a Creative Motivational Trainer. She is a trained IB Educator and as an alumnus of Delhi College of Art, she has been using art therapy to inspire and motivate people of all age groups for the last thirty years. In the past, she has headed the Arts Departments of various prestigious schools such as Lancers International School Gurgaon, Delhi Public School. Springdales School Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi and more. Her interest in art and art therapy had her gravitate towards using art to motivate students all across all age groups through art therapy. Please join us as she takes us through this beautiful and life-changing method.

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