The Brocolli Learning

My LO woke up today, wanting #brocolli. I am thrilled for her healthy choice. But since there is no broccoli at home, I decide to step out to reaffirm, that if she desires something healthy, she will get it.
So I stepped out. And as usual, broccoli shopping turned into a bag full of banana, watermelon, and more. It got heavy. The vendor understood that I might have difficulty carrying it back home.
So he offered, “I can drop it home. I have a bike standing right here.”
I was mighty pleased with his empathy and ingenuity. While I contemplated the situation, he reaffirmed, “It will be easy for you.”
It wasn’t that heavy so I didn’t take up on his offer but the idea stayed with me.
“Think about what your customer needs vs. telling them what you got.”
Apparently, you don’t need an MBA to be able to serve your customers. #empathy might just be enough.
#ureinvent #mindfulness

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