Feel angry with something? Ask, What can I do? And do it!

To each and everyone, including the journalists, who are angry with the current situation, we can figure out who to blame later. But right now, it’s important to find out:
  • What’s your solution?
  • How many bags of grocery have you donated?
  • Have you even paid that veggie guy 10/- extra to still be able to get you veggies and find a way to support his family?
  • How much have you donated to the government fund?
  • Have you tried to find out one migrant worker in your society and give him/her one month pay?
This crisis is going to be hard on everyone. It will change the way we live and work forever. Maybe the daily wagers are being hit the hardest and the soonest. But it will affect everyone sooner or later.
  • Small business will vanish.
  • Dreams of homemakers who run small businesses from home will vanish.
  • Freelancers will lose projects but would still need to pay their bills.
  • The stationary shop guy will still have to feed his family even though there is no income.


Unfortunately, the government won’t come around to pay for everyone.
It’s easy to criticise, especially because politicians do so. But you know what, they are playing you. And you are being played. They want you to become their spokesperson and fight so that we are all busy proving who is right and who is wrong instead of actually doing something. Well, the truth is doing takes effort courage. And it’s for the cowards to sit around and find blame. Including the TV Channels.
I am sorry, I don’t write political content because honestly, I am scared of how each word of mine will be thrashed around. And instead of understanding my emotion, I would be labelled as a BJP, Congress, or AAP supporter.
Here’s news for you: I am none. I don’t support any party. In the same manner, as I don’t support any propaganda. I worry about what I can do. And if there is anything I can do, well great. Else it’s just sad. And there is enough sadness in the world. I couldn’t be bothered about everything. It might sound selfish but I find it far more positive and constructive than to sit around and bash things around all day long.
Next time, you feel angry about any situation, ask yourself,

What can I do? And do it!

3 thoughts on “Feel angry with something? Ask, What can I do? And do it!”

  1. Very well explained.Blaming each other is our pastime.Instead of finding solutions,we create more problems.


  2. Absolutely!! Doing takes effort, and more than anything it takes taking a stand that lasts. Criticising or debating to prove who was to blame or who made which mistake is just intellectual table-tennis. It doesn’t make any material difference to the audience, while the players just have a sense of victory or defeat.

    What you say is important for everyone to be mindful about. Right away! And for some time to come!!


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