A little part of me is Dead!

I must be dead inside. The past few days have been flooded with protest over the little life that was molested and betrayed any semblance of human dignity. I dont want to get into the nitty gritty of the what and how it happened. It’s not important. What’s important is yet another girl is no more because a few people couldn’t get help for their sickness. I am at a complete loss of words and thoughts – I can’t feel a thing – I can’t think. I don’t know what to think and feel. I see some gory pictures and it still doesn’t do anything to me. I must really be dead or very carefully shielded myself from all that is evil. I grew up in Delhi and the fact that every other person on the streets is evil is part of my DNA. I can never ever feel safe anywhere on this planet. I am not sure if there are monsters in other places too. You put me on the moon and I will still be scared. I never drive with windows rolled down. I never drive without my car locked. I don’t walk into a dark alley howsoever long route I might have to take. That’s what growing up in an unsafe environment does to you. Today, I am fine and writing this not because I am conscious but because I am lucky. Imagine the point we have to come to – our life, our safety lies in the hands of luck. No wonder we pray to God so much – but that’s for another piece. We pray because there is no law, no jobs, no moral conscience, no moral fabric. We are a nation of mentally sick people and this sickness is so deep that unless we get some blood transfusion, it’s not going away.

I have to really think hard of a time when such things didn’t happen. Ever since I could read, I have been reading about horrendous things happening to people. We can feel angry, upset, sad, depressed, enraged (add anything you like) but the trouble is none of that is going to solve the problem. We can blame political parties and religions and a certain caste, a certain region but it’s not going to get us anywhere except to a state of verbal diaorrhea. My party is better than yours ….. we didn’t have such crimes in our time…. That logic doesn’t even apply to the problem but when you are done debating, imagine this girl was someone you knew. Hell breaks loose. Right! Now you are not concerned, which party, religion, caste the criminals belong to. You just want to get them punished. And thats how it ought to be. A crime or a criminal doesn’t have to have a label. He/She is pure and simple criminal and labelling them in one way or the other is only taking us away from the real issue. The real issue is how do we keep our people, our women safe. I don’t know what will.

What I know is that it’s not only the responsibility of the parents to raise their sons better, it’s not only the responsibility of the educator to broaden their horizons …. it is a collective responsibility to bring up a better breed. We have had enough dialogue; we need concrete steps. We need action. I want to take inputs from you what definite steps can we take so that such incidents can be eradicated from the face of our country.

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