Are you Successful?

Today, a well-meaning friend said to me, “You are not as successful as <the other person>”

    Of course, I wish he hadn’t said that. But I don’t hold it against him as some sort of a verdict on me.

    But I do question, “How do we define success?”

    • Designation
    • Stature
    • Bank Balance
    • Cars
    • House<s>
    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

    While I do wish I had all of that except the designation. I have long gotten off that train. But here’s why I think I am successful:

    • I work on my passion projects.
    • I am passionate about parenting – and talk about it often through my blogs/videos. And my only hope is that one, just one person would change the way he/she parents their child.
    • I know I am trying to create value through my work.
    • I work with people who are as interested in my growth as much as that of the organizations.
    • I think I can say it with certainty, when I die, at least one person would miss me.

    And that’s my definition of success. It can be different for you. One’s quest should be to focus on what on’es definition of success is and then pursue that.

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