How to Live Rich, Authentic Lives?

Do you or anyone you know 

  • avoids taking up opportunities.
  • feels unloved and unwanted.
  • blames others for their own mistakes.
  • not being able to deal with normal levels of frustration.
  • negative self-talk and comparisons to others.
  • fear of failure or embarrassment.
  • difficulty making friends.

if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you will really derive value from this talk.

 A couple of weeks back I did I video on how to raise children with high self esteem. In this video I talked about what is self esteem and why is it important. And how to raise it. So if you have’t seen it, this is a good point to view it. 

But today we are going to take this discussion a step further and explore how a lack of self esteem impacts our life and what can we do about it. And to help us shed some light on this topic, we have Dr Ruta Vyas. 3. Dr Vyas has a a total of 16 years of work experiences in executive coaching, working with senior leaders both Indian nationals and expatriates. She has a PhD in NMIMS in leadership behaviors. She studies how self esteem impacts our behaviour, our attitude and thereby our growth.

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