How to Raise Better Problem Solvers

In this episode, we will be talking about Problem Solving. Why? The ability to solve problems is a basic life skill and we use these skills in our day-to-day lives- from school, work, to our relationships. Also, the World Economic Forum, critical thinking, and problem-solving top the list of skills employers will begin to value in the next five years. So to discuss this topic, I got together with Iva Gojanovic. Iva is a mom a licensed therapist and an NLP practitioner. As a therapist, she coaches kids and parents for social and emotional skills. Iva’s mission is to help herself and other parents raise kids who become fulfilled, kind and confident adults. It is her belief that in order to do so, parents and caregivers must themselves be fulfilled and have the ability to be self-aware and manage their emotions. Iva talks about how 3 simple strategies can help us raise better problem solvers: Modelling / Narrating Cause and Effect Brainstorm Hope you will gather as much value as I got from this conversation.

Problem Solving with Iva

Thanks for watching.

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