पकड़ (Hold) my hands!

On a hot July night, after all the hustle bustle we declared, it was time for bed. We cuddled sang some songs. And when I sang, she politely told me to stop – you see she has a good sense of tune and rhythm :). So we shifted to a storytelling session – apparently, I do an okay job at that. So we listened and crafted some of our own too.

And just as we were about to roll onto our side of the bed and we said night night, my daughter said,

“Mamma, pakad my hands.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Of course, I had a good laugh but in a loving manner, not out of judgment or ridicule. And I followed through on her request before I told her, “You could say hold my hands.”

After all, just like the meaning of poetry, everything else is also communicated before it is understood if there is an empathetic, encouraging, loving, non-judgemental space.

What kind of a space are you providing for your kid?

Make sure it is something that says, पकड़ my hands and my heart forever!

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