Invest in yourself!

I am sure you find a lot of things not going your way in life. But then such is life. It wasn’t meant to be fair. You can be upset about what’s not working or making you happy all day long. Are you focused on the chaos a little bit more than anything else? But that doesn’t happen to improve the situation. 
So what makes you sail through on a daily basis?

– Invest in yourself on a daily basis.

– Reading a few pages of a book

– Having coffee with a friend?

– Gardening?

– Creating something out of your own bare hands?



Whatever it is, do something for yourself every single day. You will find the situation a little bit bearable.

So, what makes you sail through?

dailysatisfaction purposefulliving creating #ureinvent


One thought on “Invest in yourself!”

  1. Absolutely! Investing in ourselves is the first responsibility, so that the returns benefit others even more. I have found that simply investing in myself seems selfish and pointless to me, limited in the returns. On the other hand, if I work at trying to make a benefit for someone I care for, this investment beomes so natural.


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