Books are the truest investment

I was listening to Tim Ferris’s interview with Marie Forleo where he was recounting how growing up even though his parents didn’t have money for all the luxuries, he was always told that there was always a budgetforbooks.


It reminds me of an episode where I might have been 10-11 and there was a book fair in my school. There was a big fat premium book on understanding people’s behaviour and as I drew closer to the book, one of the teachers or the organizers said, “Don’t worry looking at that book, you can’t afford it.” I stood silent with an immediate resolution in my head and asked, “How much does it cost?”. I walked up to my dad in the evening and asked him for money for a book I wanted to buy from school. He immediately gave me the money, without questioning how expensive it was, what was it about? or anything which would discourage me to ask money for books again.

That day, and today, I still feel, books are the truest investment you can make for yourself and for your kids. Read and let your imagination soar, among other benefits. What are you reading today?

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