Who is God?

Just a few days back when my little one was brushing her teeth, her grandpa called her to join for the daily puja. Excitedly she ran into the puja room with her toothbrush. May be both the activities were exciting enough to not let go, so she started giving each idol a nice little brushing of their imagined teeth. Well, why not? If we need to brush our teeth every day, why not the idols. And then I haven’t really seen them brush their teeth. So let me do it for them. What an innocent little world? That brings me to a very interesting point. Who is God?

In my opinion, it’s our biggest support system, an anchor an energy – you call it whatever you like. Look at it like this, small children have parents to complain, seek support and lay their head down when feeling low. Parents have grandparents to seek guidance. But where do grandparents go. So they created this powerful entity who can take it all, who can guide us in our troubled moments, who can help us sail through life (and we all know that’s not easy). They chose to call him GOD. HE is power within us but because its such an abstract system, the learned of each generation explain who and what is God in a way that’s more suited to the times. That’s where all the religious books, legends and stories came into being. Important to take a break here, and think that did God himself write these books. Well, I doubt it. It’s the interpretation of the learned of the times. And with time, the medium of delivery changed. Today, these interpretations are available everywhere, TV, Facebook, Twitter – you name it.

What I am trying to say is God is a concept we created not the other way around. So instead of going around the world looking for God and proving to everyone that your God is better than mine, let’s look inside and feel that godliness, that power inside us. Just as my little one chose her God to have an experience just like hers, we interpret God based on our understanding, our experiences. Faith is a very personal experience. How you choose to practice it shouldn’t be any of my business. And vice versa. With that in mind, we can stop fighting trying to get everyone on one page about it. My God is different than yours just as my experience is different than yours, just as my reality is different than yours. We can stop the fight for the supposed truth and look for peace and kindness that He wants us to experience within us.

Om Shanti!

3 thoughts on “Who is God?”

  1. Agreed and love! But if god is a concept then shouldn’t the sentence read – “They chose to call ‘it’ GOD”. Same with all other sentences which gender-ize god.


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